Wednesday 12 September 2018

A Stride Towards Excellence

The Journey of IAYP Participants of JP International School, Noida

Embarking upon a journey is utter bliss. Even though your path is laden with countless pebbles in the form of challenges, the journey never fails to astound you with how much you can potentially grow. Something very similar has been experienced by us. Deciding to participate in the Award Programme has been a major turning point in our lives.

The Award Programme, being divided into the broad categories of Service, Physical Recreation, Skill, and Adventurous Journey, provided us a host of options to explore. We could choose from a pool of comprehensive choices. As part of the Service segment of the programme, we engaged in fund raising, charity work, teaching underprivileged students at the primary level, participation in health camps and blood donation camps, visits to NGOs and orphanages and involvement in cleanliness programmes as part of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Such activities have not only made us more conscious citizens of society, but have also aided us in developing a broader understanding of the world. The Physical Recreation segment of the programme is meant to strengthen the body which, in turn, strengthens the mind. We engaged in myriad activities like jogging, running, cycling, playing volleyball and dancing. The Skill segment aims at providing young people opportunities to develop finesse in various fields, and develop a number of skills. We gained hands on experience in activities like playing chess and producing hand-made craft items. We also undertook other interesting activities included painting, calligraphy, playing the tabla and the guitar, learning kathak, which is a classical dance form, and photography.

The interplay of these segments made our Award journey a truly indelible one. We have not only learnt but flourished too. The Award Programme has been an effective way to channelize the potential of young people like us towards something worthwhile. Simultaneously, it offered us a prism through which we could look at the world and encouraged us to contribute our bit in bettering that world. We are proud that our achievements could become valuable components of the many success stories of JP International School, Noida. And now we look forward to our Adventurous Journey, and achieving the Award. Click for more pictures

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