Wednesday 27 June 2018

How Service Helped us Become Better Human Beings

Community Service is an essential part of the Award Programme, and the Award Participants from Euroschool Airoli kept themselves deeply involved with the community. Deepali Bhagwate (Award Leader) is sharing the viewpoints of two Bronze Participants, Neel Vinchi and Shravya Kanungo, on their Service section.

Neel Vinchi (Bronze Participant) says: 
The International Award for Young People Programme has developed many abilities in us, one of them being the ability to make some time for the people in need of our help. I feel very proud to say that I have managed to set aside time every week to do my community Service. I started my Service with a Christmas party for the underprivileged children of Mulund, Mumbai. I learnt that there are a lot of people in this world who live so close to us, and yet so far. I had volunteered to help the Rotaract Association of Mulund in organizing the party. My visit to Prem Daan, Airoli, Navi Mumbai completely changed my perspective. The people living there were very poor; indeed, Prem Daan was there only saviour. I was very moved by this and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them and helping them in their work. I had also gone to a kindergarten where I was transported back to my childhood. Such was the joy I gained in meeting those little children! When I went to an institute for the blind I loved interacting with the people and also read to them. That was when I realized that I am indeed lucky to have my body functioning properly and that the ones who don't are facing a ton of difficulties in life. Therefore, through the IAYP Service, I have learnt to be happy with the little things in life!

Shravya Kanungo (Bronze Participant) says: 
When I enrolled myself in the IAYP programme, I had no idea that it would make such an impact in my life as a young teenager. It has probably been the most important educative tool that my school has given me, wherein I learnt things, not just by reading and writing, but by doing them practically. The IAYP programme has not only helped me develop my survival skills and make my connection with nature but most importantly, it’s Service section has made me aware of my duty and responsibility as a human being towards the underprivileged sections of our society. As a part of these programmes, my school had organized a visit to Good Shepherd School in Navi Mumbai, where we taught the junior students about the solar system through origami. We also visited a remote area of Maharashtra called Shahpur, where we conducted various activities and study sessions for the primary, middle and senior school students. The awareness brought in by these kind of programmes has made me a better human being. Such activities have become a part of my life now. I have started visiting orphanages and elderly institutions and spend time there by doing whatever best I can in my capacity as a student.

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