Wednesday 23 May 2018

Award teaches patience, tolerance and compassion

Bronze Award participants of Pathways School, Noida, adopted different activities to improve their skills, to serve society and to keep fit. Rohini Rode, Award Leader, is presenting a brief about their work.

Creating awareness on Entrepreneurship. Spreading awareness on suicide and depression. Learning classical vocal music. Improving debating skills to take part in World Scholar’s Cup and Model United Nations. These are some of the areas Award participants of Pathways School Noida decided to choose for the Bronze Award Journey.

The participants set goals for themselves and decided to persevere in order to achieve them. Nehal took up painting to develop her skills. She worked on her creativity and practical skills. She presented her work at three different exhibitions and won the praise of many. Prachi worked on her debating skills. First, she had to brush up her research. She went to Yale to take part in debates. This opened her mind and she understood from a practical point of view what is required for her to win. Harveen practised the piano regularly and also worked on theory.

Unnati participates actively by doing community service in JP labour camp by compassionate teaching and helping other children. She improved her own leadership skills as well. Reading about ways of preventing suicide, researching about different disorders, staying awake at nights to understand insomnia: These are all events that Snigdha experienced before writing a book to create awareness about suicide and depression. Chitrali taught young children the English alphabet. Manushree expressed her love and care towards dogs in an animal shelter. The participants, thus, understood that the service section fills them with a sense of worth from having given service and help to others and their community.

The participants were able to learn patience, tolerance and compassion. They increased their self-confidence by setting a goal and achieving it. They worked on their physical fitness. IAYP Silver is their next target and they are determined to achieve it.

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