Wednesday 21 February 2018

My Experience with IAYP

Khushi K Shah, a Silver Award holder from The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School, Kolkata received his Silver Award from John May - Secretary-General on 7th December 017. Khushi is sharing her Award experience with us.

I just heard a cracking sound and fell to the ground while playing Cricket Match. I had a major fracture and had to undergo a knee surgery in the month of February. After the operation, the pain of physiotherapy did not affect me much but I was tensed whether I would be able to complete my Silver level of IAYP or not! I was not able to walk properly for a month because of the four screws in my knee joint. IAYP has taught me to remain positive, to pursue and to develop perseverance. I was determined to stand, to walk and to be normal, before the operation. I have attended all my Aerobics classes and my guide made my exercises in the beginning by sitting. She always highlighted positivity and kept stimulating me to perform in all four levels of IAYP as well as in academics. I never was thought of undertaking
two expeditions within six months of my operation but I did both of them successfully. I walked like a tortoise but was happy to cover all the aspects of the adventurous journey.

The day I received the Certificate from Mr. John May, I thought that’s my reward to struggle against all odds. He told us the story of a bird who thought of flying and I felt the same when I wanted to fly like a bird while lying on a hospital bed. IAYP is my soul mate, who makes me feel happy within, enhances my confidence; ignites my mind and moral. It is my driving force of life. My Award Leader always tells us to remember the proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Now I believe to the fullest that the Programme of IAYP is my best friend who has supported me to come out from the agony of pain through a journey of willpower and motivation. It made me more focused to improve myself.

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