Wednesday 10 January 2018

Special Project Gold Adventurous Journey

Visually Challenged Gold Award Participants from Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys' Academy, Narendrapur, completed their Adventurous Journey. Chandan Majumder, Award Leader and Mentor, is sharing a brief report on this journey.

The Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys’ Academy, Narendrapur, is associated with the International Award for Young People, India since 2002. A sizable number of participants completed their Award Journey and have achieved the Award in the last 15 years.

Very recently 14 Gold Award participants went to Maldevta hills, Dehradun, to take part in an expedition camp from 16th to 19th October, 2017. They started on 14th October 2017 by Doon Express and returned to Kolkata on 21st October 2017.

The expedition itself is very exciting always to all the participants. It was very special as this is the first time, the camp was organized in North India at a marvellous location. As these participants cannot see, naturally the job is very tough for the instructors. But they were so experienced, dedicated and attentive, the participants always felt very comfortable and got a lot of confidence.

The participants took part in Commando Net Climbing, Single Rope, Burma Bridge, Gheel scrambling, etc., in the camp. They trekked 2 days up the high hill and entered a natural cave on the hill, which was very exciting to these visually challenged participants. The participants walked 1.5 km through the river Song, which was very tough as well as tremendously exciting. It was tough because the water flow was swift and the rocky river-bed was very slippery. They jumped from the high bridge on the river. All the activities were thrilling and also new to the participants.

This Adventurous Journey helped to boost the confidence of these participants through different types of activities during the camp. They developed skills of Leadership, Punctuality, Honesty and Togetherness, which are very important for them to be well-rounded and sensitive people in the future. Click here for more pictures

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