Wednesday 13 September 2017

Save Paper, Save Plants Campaign

 The Award participants of DPS Megacity, Kolkata along with students of Eco Club took part in a campaign named “Save Paper Save Plants”. These are the initiatives taken by the participants to create a green environment:
  • The papers were reused to make bags and envelopes which were sold during our Annual Carnival, the proceeds of which go towards charity through the Interact club.
  • Economization of paper Both sides of the A4 size paper is used to prevent wastage. School circulars were also printed on the reverse side of used papers in order to economize the use of paper.
  • All unused papers in the exercise books were taken out and bound to form new exercise books. These exercise books were handed over to the Interact Club to be distributed to the less privileged students in the community.
  • Old exercise books of the students were collected by the participants and used to make pulp for handmade paper and then this pulp was mixed with water and spread on a piece of window screen to dry. On completion of drying this paper was painted by the students and used for board work in the classroom.
  • The Award participants recycled used papers, bottles, cans and made beautiful folders, pen stands, show pieces etc., which were also used as gifts for distinguished guests who visited our school.
In conclusion, it can be said that DPS Megacity has truly followed the mantra of REUSE AND RECYCLE for the conservation of plants and contributed immensely to our planet Earth in reducing global warming.

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