Wednesday 19 July 2017

IGE Rep - Md Imran

I belong to a middle class family that lives near a slum area in Kolkata, West Bengal. When I was at karate school, my friends urged me to get into the International Award for Young People. My friends advised me that the Award programme would give me an opportunity to engage with my community and my surroundings, and would help me to improve my community and society. I looked forward to acquiring a better knowledge of skills, social and physical activities; above all, I wanted to be a part of a programme that encouraged the youth. In the year 2004 I received my Bronze Award and in the year 2010, I received my Gold Award from the Vice President of India. I have thoroughly enjoyed completing all the sections during my Award journey. I also attended an Award Leader Training Workshop in Purukul, Dehradun in the year 2011. I have been a part of a video film made by a group of journalists who came from the International Award Foundation (IAF) in the UK to visit the Special Projects Units at Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys' Academy, Emmanuel Ministries and Sir Syed group of schools, Kolkata. I have participated in many camps organised for these Special Project Units and intellectually challenged Awardees and blind boys. During the six-year journey from Bronze to Gold my life and my vision have changed. The Award made me, and gave me knowledge, skill, and mental strength as well as broad-minded thinking. I think in this past year the Award educated me to live like a good human being, with all the powers in my hands and ability to perform skills, the humanity and compassion for doing service and an appropriate vision with good thoughts and ideas. The Award gives us the opportunity to grip the chance to continue life after Gold, but I have made my own choice: I love nature, mountains, mountain-hacking and mountain climbing so I started to give a professional shape to my mountaineering career. I have completed my basic, advanced and method of instructions course from one of the finest institutes, NIM with A grading. Still, I am continuing my support to the Award by mentoring for the Adventurous Journey organised by NAA for the Special Projects participants. In the year 2016 I become a member of the National Training Panel. I have the enthusiasm to be a part of the Award and continue my pursuit of excellence and service to this amazing Award programme.

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