Wednesday 20 April 2016

IAYP Adventure Camp To Koti (Kufri)

Bronze and Silver Award participants from Jodhamal Public School, Jammu completed their Adventurous Journey at Koti (Kufri) in Himachal Pradesh from 24th to 29th of March 2016. Vandana and Poonam, two mentors from the school share a report about their Award Journey with us.

In our interconnected and wired world, the youth is increasingly tethered to their digital devices, working tirelessly to maintain their digital profiles. As social as these exercises may seem, they are in fact becoming more of a way to isolate oneself and stunt social interactivity, rather than as a tool to encourage it. An Adventure camp, with a meaningful purpose and a goal, was the finest idea which was planned for their respite and change in their outlook of the world.

This camp was organized for the Bronze and Silver level participants along with other students of classes VII-IX to Koti (Kufri) in Himachal Pradesh.

On 24th March, 78 students including 18 Award participants escorted by 8 mentors under the supervision of S. Ganguly left the premises of Jodhamal Public School at 10 PM, to reach Chandigarh at 5:30 the next morning. With a sumptuous breakfast at Chandigarh, the team moved ahead for Koti, which took almost four and a half hours.

The camp in Koti was set amidst the lush green hilly areas and had the most amazing panoramic view. Swiss Tents were set up to provide a conducive environment for the participants. Various activities were designed in camp to have fun and provide direct learning experiences. Spaced out within a span of 4 days the participants enjoyed a new found independence away from home and beyond regular text books.

The participants were taken for mountain trekking approximately 2200ft above the sea level. The Trainers first gave an enlightening lecture on various adventure activities, rope courses, equipment usage, tent pitching and trekking and then demonstrated use of various equipment’s during mountain trekking and setting up a tent. The Adventure camp shifts the focus away from the individual, and teaches campers to be more selfless and become better team players.

Learning team and individual goal setting, conflict resolution, and overcoming challenge have led to improved individual confidence and self-worth. Campers like Ishita Sharma of Silver Level and Ashwin Suri of Bronze Level expressed their feelings of increased self-confidence, and a stronger sense of their own individuality.

The participants were given thrilling and unforgettable experiences of different adventure activities like Burma Bridge crossing, Bamboo Bridge crossing, Commando Bridge, Bush craft, Zip line, Jumaring, Rope Valley crossing, night trekking and camp fire. Every activity tried the strength and flexibility of the participants and taught them to sustain themselves in the toughest conditions and improved their endurance levels.

We all heard participants proudly exclaim, “Look what can I do!” This proclamation of accomplishment came from doing something they hadn't done before and gained the confidence to do it again. Participants and mentors alike build their self-esteem and self confidence by challenging their fears and doubts and winning in this adventurous journey.

A short leisure trip was also organized to Shimla (Mall Road) where the participants discovered and bought various Indian articrafts in the Lakkad bazaar.

These adventure camp activities have led to decrease in childhood adjustments, anxiety issues, and social inhibitions that manifest themselves silently in the child. By the culmination of the camp we had unfurled various leaders among the youth. Many had learnt teamwork and all possible phobias were done away with. Parents affirmed this camp to be a wholesome experience for their wards and wanted them to be a part of such activities in the future on a more consistent basis. Click for Pictures

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