Wednesday 25 November 2015

Online Learning Hub

The Online Learning Hub is now ready for launch to Award Leaders from India. An important part of the Foundation's digital strategy is to provide a virtual space for adults involved in the Award to learn and share good practice. In the process to achieve this, the International Award Association has launched 'the Learning Hub' and is now open for the Indian Award Leaders. The Learning hub is designed to
  • create global groups of volunteers and staff from the Foundation, NAOs and IACs
  • provide access for NAOs and IACs to resources that will assist them with Award management
  • standardise the access to and delivery of online training globally for staff (Continual Professional Development) and volunteers (courses)
This 'social media' environment allows us to learn from one another; it allows the Foundation to share materials and resources with specific groups; and allows us all to engage each other in developing our skills and sharing experiences for the improvement of the people who facilitate, manage and deliver the Award across the globe. It is, essentially, Facebook for adults involved in the Award. But the 'Learning Hub' is more than a social environment. You'll also be able to access formal online courses via the 'Learning Hub' link on the toolbar.
The National Award Authority welcomes all certified Award Leaders to join the Online Learning hub. We think the Learning Hub will create a whole new set of ways for us all to develop even more people to provide the best possible access to non-formal education for young people through the Award. With your help, this system will become the core learning and support vehicle for a new wave of global expansion for the Award.
Please write to to get the access to the Learning Hub.

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