Wednesday 31 December 2014

Bronze Level Adventurous Journey to Camp Wild, Dhauj - A Report

We were truly excited about the adventure journey that we were about to begin. We started from our school in Sahibabad at 7 am and reached Camp Wild at 10:00 am. After a light breakfast we went up the hills and started two major adventure activities - Rock Climbing and Rappelling, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed. At 2:00 pm we came down for lunch, filled up our water bottles, and went up the hill again for 'flying fox'. We learnt about the different types of knots involved in flying fox such as Colwich, thumb knot and figure of 8, also known as universal knot. Having learnt about the safety measures, we started enjoying the adventure activity. At 8:30 pm we went for a short night survival walk, which was followed by a lively conversation about the uses of these activities in wars, environmental degradation and carbon footprints. After this intense physical and mental work out, we came back to our cottages for a good night's sleep.

The next day started with the morning exercises. We completed a fun-filled obstacle course including activities such as Tarzan swing, Monkey crawl, Burma Bridge, Cat walk etc. Later we hiked, climbed a hill and participated in team building activities. With that, our adventure trip came to an end. We packed our bags and left for school with many sweet memories. The best part of this trip was that we not just enjoyed several adventure activities but also got to learn a lot about the safety hardware involved in all these activities. We really appreciate the able guidance of our mentors and teachers who made the IAYP journey memorable for us. We have not just developed our skills further but have also learnt time management, setting smart goals and the importance of involving oneself in community service. This programme has certainly helped us to recognize our strengths and our social responsibilities. No wonder each one of us has now grown into a skilled person because of the holistic approach of this programme.  Click for picture 

A report from DLF Public School, Sahibabad

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