Monday 17 November 2014

IGE 2014 Adrija's Diary - Part 2

While travelling to DMZ we met a person who gave us a great insight about how South Korea has grown and developed in past couple of years. He has a dream of finding all the land mines from the restricted areas and plant trees in their place so that next generation can wake up with the smell of beautiful flowers and not to the screams of frightful war slogans. We were amazed to see how they take an extra step in preserving their environment. We also visited World Peace Bell Park in Hwacheon city where the Bell represents peace for the Korean people and for other countries too. While travelling in South Korea when I introduced myself as a representative from India each and every person welcomed me gladly. They were really grateful to India for all the support South Korea has received from our end especially during the War of 1953. 

It was an extraordinary experience for each participant as we worked with people from different countries which in turn enriched them with exceptional leadership skills. I realized a leader is not only about giving commands or orders but sometimes a leader should play a role of an observer also. At the end I realized that we cannot do anything individually a little bit of cooperation, help, understanding of each person can make any small beginning into a big one. So, we are all leaders and we believe that we cannot change our past but can surely shape our future.                                        

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