Wednesday 16 July 2014

Dive into the wild but beautiful world of Namik Valley

The minimum requirement for a Gold Award participant to go on an Adventurous Journey is three nights and four days; as for the Silver Award participant it is two nights & three days but forty-five Gold and eight Silver Award level participants from The Cathedral & John Connon School decided to take their Adventurous journey to an all new level. Fifty-three participants went for their Adventurous journey for eight days seven nights, and the journey comprised five campsites and trekking journeys.

Their journey included a 2.5 km to and from Shyama to Gyandhuri Village, a 6 km trek to Namik Village from Gogina Village and 9 km trek from Namik Village to Banjamani. On day 7 the students reached Sasundri Pass, the highest pass at 9800 ft, which was the highest point of their journey.

The participants were also involved in activities like swimming and kayaking in Ramganga East river and mountain cycling on the bank of the river, which was their Camp Nachni, a beautiful camp on sand. There they also faced a thunderstorm, which blew away some of their tents, but all the participants boldly faced the wrath of nature. 

All the locations selected for camping were very scenic, mostly on mountain tops from where the participants could command a beautiful view of the snow clad Himalayan ranges.  The streams had crystal clear ice cold water for drinking, cooking and bathing if one dared. The cold bracing climate, the thick pine tree studded mountains and the fresh mountain air enriched their mind, body and soul. An amazing experience for the participants was to stay in the forest without man-made lights or toilets.   click here for more pictures

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