Wednesday 19 February 2014


14th - 15th February 2014

The NAA organised a two-day National Training Workshop (NTW) at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu from 14th - 15th February 2014.  Twenty Award Leaders from 12 different institutions participated in the workshop.  The workshop was inaugurated by Kapil Bhalla (National Director) and Trilok Singh Bisht (Principal, Jodhamal Public School, Jammu).  Mr Bisht welcomed all the delegates and the lamp of knowledge was lit.  Kapil Bhalla introduced the NAA team and gave a brief on the Award Programme. 

Bivujit Mukhoty (Programme Manager) led the first session on the Award Philosophy and Framework. He detailed the importance of the four pillars of the Award i.e. Skills, Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey and the requirements for each section of the Award.  Pratibha Kumari Singh (Member, National Training Panel) led the Service section and explained the need for social inclusion in the Programme. This session was followed by the Skills Sections in which Bivujit Mukhoty explained the different Skills-related activities.  The Physical Recreation session was led by Kapil Bhalla, who involved the participants in a practical exercise which they enjoyed.  The last session for the day was on the Brand Guide in which Bivujit Mukhoty detailed the Branding guidelines in respect to the Award programme. 

The next day started with a review of the previous day's activities, followed by the sessions on Adventurous Journey and Risk Management mentored by Bivujit Mukhoty.  There was a session on Residential Project in which Kapil Bhalla detailed the project requirements for the Gold aspirants.  Bivujit Mukhoty also took sessions on Volunteering and the benefits of the Award.  In the post lunch session there was a review session which was followed by a Q&A session in which the participants raised queries that the NAA team resolved.  The workshop concluded with the presentation of the Certificates to the participants by Trilok Singh Bisht. Click for pictures

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