Wednesday 20 November 2013


8th November 2013 at JCB Sponsored Government Senior Secondary School, Jharsaintly Village, Haryana

The NAA team organised a one-day Adventure Orientation Programme for the Award participants of JCB Sponsored Government Senior Secondary Schools at Jharsaintly Village, Haryana. The orientation programme was conducted under the supervision of trained instructors from ICNL Calcutta. Bivujit Mukhoty and Priyank Kumar Gupta from the NAA Team mentored the programme. The orientation started with a theoretical session by Bivujit Mukhoty where he explained the need of the Adventurous Journey and the different activities that fall under this section. Next, the instructors demonstrated the use of different equipment essential for any adventurous journey. The participants practiced activities like crossing Single Rope Bridge, Jummering, Monkey Crawling and Tent Pitching. Around 140 participants from the 4 JCB Sponsored Government Schools participated in the orientation programme.   Click to view pictures

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