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24th - 27th October 2013
The National Award Authority organised a Silver level Adventurous Journey and camp for differently-abled participants of Raphael Ryder Cheshire, Dehradun from 24th to 27th October 2013, under Special Projects. The group comprised 16 differently-abled participants (12 boys and 4 girls) escorted by three Award Leaders, Maninder, Lata and Madhu who work as Special Educators and two support staff. Five specially trained instructors of the Institute of Climbers and Nature Lovers (ICNL) Kolkata led them on their Silver Level Adventurous Journey. The camp was supervised by Bivujit Mukhoty (Programme Manager). Priyank Kumar Gupta (Head, YES Comm. Project) also represented the NAA for this adventurous journey.

The first day started with a briefing session about the journey. The instructors explained the importance of safety and helped the participants understand the different equipment. They taught them how to pack their backpacks and other equipment while on their Adventurous Journey. Next, the instructors explained the process for pitching tents and helped the participants perform this activity. The students enjoyed the learning activity. The Instructors demonstrated rappelling and other activities and showed the use of different types of rope knots that are normally used on the Adventurous Journey. The participants enjoyed their evening of dance & music and sleeping in the tents.

The next morning the group started their journey to Maa Ananadmayee Memorial School, Raiwala, by bus. Arpit Panjwani (Director) welcomed the group and arranged the stay for the participants. After lunch the instructors took the participants for a Jungle Walk where they were exposed to the wonders of the dense forest for the first time. There was much excitement with the sighting of a group of wild deer in the forest. They also enjoyed crossing a small stream and doing a little climbing on the unmetalled road. After a trek of 3 kms the group reached the banks of the Ganges. The participants enjoyed their jungle walk thoroughly and returned to the campsite happy with the experience.

The next day the group started their journey to the banks of the Ganges near Haridwar, to perform various adventurous activities. The activity site was almost 6 kms from the camp.  The instructors taught the participants rope obstacle activities like single rope bridge crossing and river crossing.  The participants enjoyed these activities a lot and also played with water in the river stream. In the post-lunch session the participants performed another rope obstacle activity, Tyrolean traverse. The evening brought another celebration of singing and dancing. On the 27th morning after the usual physical fitness training and a late breakfast the group departed for Raphael Ryder Cheshire, Dehra Dun. 

This Adventurous Journey was full of fun for the 16 students, helping build their confidence and exposing them to a different environment.  The NAA wishes to thank Maa Anandmayee Memorial School's team for providing support and organising this camp.  

"It was an absolute pleasure having you and everybody else over at MAMS. I must commend you on the wonderful work you're doing by positively impacting the lives of kids at Raphael. Needless to say, it is one of the greatest service to mankind that you are rendering."
- Arpit Panjwani, Director, MAMS 

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