Wednesday 17 July 2013


A report from Aayushi Jain and Ishani Bansal

An Adventurous Journey was organised for the Award participants of Uttam School for Girls, from 8th to 11th May 2013.   This 3 nights, 4 days programme was organized at Camp Vanvas, Mukteshwar. The camp was situated in the jungle, at a height of 7500 feet above sea level, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, wildlife and dense forests of silvery fir, shaped like pyramids. This journey was a mixture of wildlife, fun, adventure and learning.

The trip gave us a chance to understand mountain life and the value of the environment. Activities such as Treasure Hunt, Mission Impossible, Pressure Bombs, Spider Web and Friendship Ladder were organised as icebreakers for the participants to get comfortable with each other and to encourage team work.  These activities also taught the students that participation and team work are more important than winning.  Other activities such as Rappelling, Swimming, Cliff Jumping, River Crossing and Mountain Bicycling helped the students to be enthusiastic and brave and to prepare them to face obstacles in life with courage. Also for many, it helped in overcoming a phobia of heights. For the first time all of us felt free, with no restrictions and faced our fears bravely. 

A visit to the village was organised with the aim of conservation and promotion of sustainable eco-tourism in the Himalayan Region. It also provided the students an opportunity to get involved in various household activities and visit different locations of the Kumaon region to see and experience the great outdoors in real life.   All the activities were a real learning which not only helped in strengthening their team spirit but also helped in building their personality. Uttam School students will be eagerly looking forward to such excursions in future.

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