Thursday 23 May 2013


A report from Award Participants of Hopetown Girls' School, Dehra Dun

On 27th of April a group of Award Participants left for Hathipaon a hilly region. None of us had ever even imagined that a trek could so much fun and the experience of a lifetime! On reaching our destination and after having breakfast we did some physical activities like crossing the Burma bridge and a walk across the Ropeway. These were confidence building activities .

After taking some rest, we assisted the teachers in cooking lunch and had a hearty meal. Then we pitched tents, learnt navigation skills, route mapping and certain rescue techniques in order to rescue ourselves if we ever got trapped in a forest. Then we went for a long walk along some trails in the forest. On the way, we visited the late Sir George Everest's office where he used to record all information about the mountains around. He is known for having drawn the map of Hathipao.  Mount Everest has been named after him. On reaching the topmost region of the hill, we could see the lowlands below us - a beautiful sight. At night all of us sat around a bonfire and listened to 'true' ghost stories told by the people there.

The next morning we left for the Jwala Devi temple after breakfast. To reach the temple we had to climb two mountains, a trek of 8 kilometers. We were extremely fatigued by the time we managed to reach the temple and offer prayers to the Goddess. We clicked a number of pictures and then trekked back to base. In the evening we enjoyed playing some fun group games. On the last night we sat around the bonfire and chatted for a while before going to bed. 

On the last day of the trek we again managed to cook our breakfast which consisted of 'poori --aloo'. After that, we interacted with the residents of the surrounding villages. Meanwhile, a funny incident took place - Jayita (who had been tripping and falling on the trek to the temple) tripped again and fell while trying to catch a sheep! We were in splits because it was such a slight!! Finally, after conversing with the village-folk, we had our self-cooked lunch, packed our bags and left for our return journey back to Hopetown. 

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